Strip out projects do what they say on the tin. We strip everything leaving you with the bare basic structure. Hiring 1clearance strip out contractor is ideal for those pre-demolition jobs or re-development projects. We provide an efficient, cost effective and safe way of conducting internal strip-out work. Strip out projects are specialist jobs and we can offer you an expert service.

Strip Out Project

A strip out project involves removing non-structural elements of buildings in order to get them ready for remodelling and refurbishment. This service could also be used to restore the building back to the way you originally rented it.

We can do anything: removing floor coverings; removing temporary ceilings; floors; non load bearing partitions; removing lighting; cables; and air conditioning systems. We can also disconnect and remove gas, electricity, water and telecommunication lines.

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Residential Strip Out

Perhaps you’ve bought a new house and need it gutting before completely renovating? We’re here to help you get the property into the shape you need; by doing all the hard work before the fun stuff can start. Have you run out of rooms in your house and want to convert your garage into an extra one? We can strip out the internal workings of the garage to get it ready for the builders to come in.

As a landlord, perhaps you’ve bought a large property that you want to convert into smaller units. We can take the building back to its original shell, ready for a fresh new interior. This is also suitable for listed properties. As we can retain the original fronts of properties whilst completely clearing the insides.

Commercial Strip Out

Whether you’re going through an office remodel, store refit for a new business, factory dismantling or anything else. We can bring the interiors back to the bare bones, leaving you with an entirely blank canvas.

You could also hire us to strip out a property as part of a full scale demolition project. We can handle your project from start to finish; check out our demolition services for more information on this.

Fully Prepared

We bring all the tools that we might need for the strip out project. From cutting gear to trolleys and everything in between. Because we’re specially trained to dismantle machinery, we make sure that we’re prepared for anything before beginning your commercial clearance.

Fully Licenced

Please ensure whoever you decide to use to undertake your job is fully accredited. If not you could be liable for a £5,000.00 fine. Our Organisation has an upper tier Waste Carriers Licence from the Environment Agency. This means that you can rest assured that your waste products won’t be illegally disposed of.


We recycle or reuse as much as we can. This means we can help to make sure that your carbon footprint is as low as possible. Whatever we can’t reuse we recycle, where-ever possible, at licenced recycling facilities. We aim to recycle or reuse 85% of the waste we receive.

Call Us

Contact us on 01234 331357, or by email at for a free no obligations quote. Just tell us what you need stripping out and we can give you an estimate quickly and painlessly. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements in more depth.