1clearance can help you if you are replacing your fridge, freezer, cooker*, washing machine or dishwasher. Our service can remove and recycle/dispose of your appliances without you having to lift a finger. Appliance removal and disposal is available in and around the Bedford area.

Appliance Disposal Challenges

If you’ve ever had to move your oven out to clean behind it, or your washing machine when it’s been playing up, you know how much of a problem it can be. Having to move house with a fridge, oven or washing machine, is even more of a difficult job without help, and often still quite challenging with help. That’s why here at 1clearance, when you need to get your white goods out of your property, we can save you the hassle by doing it all for you.

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Heavy Lifting

Not only can it be hard work to move heavy objects such as a dishwasher or fridge freezer, but it could be downright dangerous if you don’t know how you should be lifting them. Our professional staff members are fully trained in effective lifting and carrying of objects of all sizes and weights, to ensure that they can quickly and efficiently remove your white goods and dispose of them properly.

Dangerous Chemicals

Aside from the potential risks to your person associated with trying to haul a heavy appliance to the tip, improper disposal can also harm the environment. Many old kitchen appliances contain ozone-depleting chemicals that disperse into the air when left to break down in a landfill. Ensuring that you take the proper steps to deal with your appliance removal responsibly not only keeps your back healthy, but keeps the environment healthy, too.


Not only can we remove your unwanted white goods, but our well trained staff can uninstall them for you as well, meaning that all you have to do is direct them to the appliance. As well that, we always make sure that we sweep the area clean when we have finished, leaving it nice and tidy for your new appliance.

Appliance Recycling

We try to recycle as much as possible and therefore all white goods are checked to see if they are fit for purpose and are tested to electrical safety standards before being resold. If they are not suitable for reuse they will be taken apart so that the individual parts can be repurposed or used for refurbishments. Whatever we can’t reuse, we recycle as much of as we can at licenced recycling facilities. We aim to recycle or reuse 85% of the waste we collect, regardless of the kind of waste.

Licensed Appliance Removal

Please ensure whoever you decide to use to undertake your job is fully accredited, because if not, you could be liable for a £5,000.00 fine. Our Organisation has an upper tier Waste Carriers Licence from the governmental Environment Agency, which means that you can rest assured that your waste products won’t be illegally disposed of.

Call Us

Contact us on 01234 331357, or by email at info@1clearance.co.uk for a free no obligations quote. Just let us know what you have that needs removing and we can tell you how much it will cost.

1clearance can help you if you are replacing your fridge, freezer, cooker, washing machine or dishwasher. Our service can remove and recycle/dispose of them for you without you having to lift a finger.

Appliance Removals Price Guide

Small Domestic Fridge

Small Domestic Fridge/freezer

£69 Each*

Appliance Removal & Disposal: Tall Domestic Fridge

Tall Domestic Fridge/freezer

£99 Each*

American Style Fridge Freezer

American Style Fridge/freezer

£140 Each*

Appliance Removal & Disposal: Washing Machine

Washing Machine

£49.00 Each*

Appliance Removal & Disposal: Oven Removal & Disposal

Single Oven

£49.00 Each*

Appliance Removal & Disposal: Dishwasher Removal


£49.00 Each*

Please contact us anytime for more information on the removal and disposal of your unwanted white goods.